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Community Development Facilitation is about assuring that the community is consulted about development within their area. Further establishing processes through which the community can itself create meaningful, ongoing change, with the assistance and collaboration of the key stakeholders.

As the appointed Community Facilitators for a specific project, Kuhle Solutions’ role is essentially to ensure the smooth running of the development project from the inception phase right through to the completion phase. This is undertaken by representing both the project and the stakeholders as a community through project advocacy, mediation and interpretation, whilst upholding the project’s best interests.

Over a number of years, we pride ourselves on having developed an evidence-based process methodology for community development facilitation that includes, community assessment, community engagement plans and community empowerment initiatives.

Kuhle Solutions undertakes various forms of social science research and provides strategic support to clients in all aspects of their business and engagements.

We provide high quality research and timely information to support local development projects and programme planning, policy making, and other activities within the built environment.

We offer quantitative and qualitative research solutions to enable clients to have an in-depth understanding of their challenges and opportunities. With this we also offer blue-prints for improvement.

Developing quality social development policy and program frameworks requires practicality, experience and an understanding of context. Kuhle Solutions assists Local, Provincial and National Governments in developing policy frameworks for social and community development programmes and developing related implementation action plans while drawing on extensive industry and public sector experience.

We also collaborate with private companies’ management to create policies that are understandable, effective and sound for their institutions. Clearly written policies are essential for helping organization prosper and empowering employees to function more efficiently whilst providing invaluable protection for both the company and its’ employees.

Beneficiary administration is a critical process in the allocation of housing units to eligible beneficiaries. It is a process that is plagued with allegations of corruption and mistrust between the stakeholders. Therefore, Kuhle Solutions’ approach and activities are premised on Constant Stakeholder Engagement and Transparency of the Processes.

We facilitate for and have regular meetings the Ward Councillors and Principles, and feedback sessions in community meetings. We offer consumer beneficiary education to the community so that they can understand the housing opportunities available to them. Notify the non-qualifiers and the options available to them.  

Occupancy audits enables landlords to verify that their properties are used by targeted beneficiaries, and to identify instances where there has been misuse or fraudulent subletting.

The benefits of conducting occupancy audits includes: –

  • Confirmation that the targeted person is residing in the unit.
  • Confirming that issues of overcrowding and subletting are effectively managed
  • Identifying issues relating to fraud specially with lease agreements, and
  • Ensuring that the unit is used for residential purposes.

Further, we have added Customer Satisfaction Surveys to the bouquet of services we offer.

We use electronic technology that has proven over time in reliability and validity of the information collected. This has ensured that Kuhle remains a strong competitor in data collection methodology.

Quality project management can be the difference between project success and non-performance.

Engaging Kuhle Solutions for your project management means you not only benefit from specialised skills, but also objective, experienced expertise. Our ability to integrate with the public sector, private sector and civil society has enabled us to deliver large-scale projects to scope, on time and to budget while delivering exceptional business results.

We offer best practice project facilitation from inception through to completion. Our holistic best practice approach ensures you have the ability to successfully react to risks and issues. The same skills enable us to assist with issues management when a client’s team may be thinly-stretched. We pull all the detail together for you, ensuring you deliver when it matters.

Knowledge in practice embraces all the tools, techniques and processes that are supporting the efficient utilisation of information, knowledge and experiences. We help communities, public and private sector to identify, prioritise and realise their development opportunities that are key in their change progress, and in improving knowledge sharing maturity and skills transfer.

We also offer client-specific Knowledge Management Training, such as training for community of practice leaders, training in lessons identification and capture for facilitators, or for building the skills of knowledge retention.


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Social Science Research

  • Quantitative and qualitative research
  • Impact assessments
  • Market research

Organisational and Institutional Process Management Development

  • Strategic planning
  • Policy development
  • Knowledge management
  • Advisory Services

Community and Stakeholder Facilitation

  • Key Stakeholder facilitation and engagement

Community Development Facilitation

  • Community Assessment
  • Community Engagement
  • Community Empowerment

Beneficiary Administration

Project and Programme Management


Our clients including Governments and Municipalities, Parastatal or State-owned Enterprises, Vocational Skills Training Organisations, Corporates, Developers, Communities, Projects Management and Research Institutions, Financial Institutions and Funders.

Social Science Research

South African Cities Network

Academic Paper on detailing the Comprehensive plan for the development of Sustainable Human Settlements document (BNG) and its programme impacts

Dept. of Human Settlements

Case Study Research- Provide an understanding of the conceptual frameworks and dynamics of informal settlements and upgrading programmes.

City of Ekurhuleni

Tembisa Oakmore Stalls - Market and Community Assessment Study.


Internal Audit Technician Learnership Programme.

Standard Bank

South African Rental Housing Research Report.

Johannesburg social housing association

Occupancy audit for all JOSCHO projects.


- The provision of transport and or other social survey services for all household enumeration- Sedibeng District Municipality.
- The provision of transport and or other social survey services for all household enumeration- West Rand District Municipality.

- Development of the Framework for the Occupancy Audit.
- Occupancy Audit – Msunduzi Housing Association (Signal Hill).
- Occupancy Audit – JOSHCO (Roodepoort P1; City Deep).
- Western Cape Rental Housing Strategy – Project Manager.
- KwaZulu Natal Rental Housing Strategy – Project Manager.
- Occupancy Audit – Own Haven Housing Association
(Southernwood Square, Oewerus, Ekupumleni).
- Occupancy Audit – Housing Association East London (Belgravia).
- Accreditation Assessment assignments.

Policy and strategy development


Development and compilation of the Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality Human Settlements Policy.

City of Ekurhuleni

- Facilitate and Develop the Strategic Plan for Sports, Recreation, Arts and Culture (SRAC).
- Development of the Rental Housing Strategy and Implementation Plan for Department of Human Settlements.

Gauteng Province

Concept Paper – Defining a New Trajectory in Human Settlements.

Gauteng Legislature

Review of the Gauteng Provincial Legislature Report.

Capital City

Development of Rental Housing Policy, Strategy and Implementation Plan for Capital City Housing (previously Msunduzi Housing Association).

City of Ekurhuleni

- Preparation and facilitation of the Development Department Strategic Session with Department Implementation Plan.
- JOSHCO Board Strategic Planning sessions.

Gauteng Province

- Ekurhuleni Housing Company Technical Support Intervention.
- Development of the SHRA Empowerment and Transformation Strategy.

Community Development Facilitation

  • Market Study and Community Development Facilitation for Devland Social Housing Development
  • Community Development Facilitation for Kliptown Golf Course Remedial Project
  • Vosloorus Ext. 9 Housing Development
  • Wattville Erf 3130 Housing Development
  • Wattville Non-Motorised Transport Project
  • Tembisa Ext. 25 Housing Development
  • Esselen Park Housing Development
  • Brakpan Old Location Housing Development
  • Development of Sustainable Livelihoods Implementation Plans for the North West Province and Community
  • Development Facilitation

Beneficiary Administration

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Van Dyk Park Housing Development

LeBash Consortium

  • Tembisa Ext 25 Housing Development
  • Esselen Park Housing Development


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To our Employees

Experience, Continuity and Loyalty are key to our success and our ability to deliver a professional and courteous service. We promote outstanding performance from our employees and to provide a good service to our clients, through our effective employee rewarding system.

To the Law

We adhere to necessary compliance regulations and the legislations in our sphere of business.

To the Communities

We are a socially responsible company and we are committed in improving the lives in poor communities through employing them during a project and empower them through a stream of skills development.

To the Environment

We actively promote renewable energy development and recycling including encouraging the removal of general waste bins and the provision of sorting bins and facilities in our offices.

To Health and Safety

We adhere and follow stringent Health and Safety Standards as required by law as complying with the client’s Health.