Kuhle Solutions and Development Services specialises in traditional, hybrid and online Public Participation and Stakeholder Facilitation. Kuhle Solutions and Development Services provides public participation services using two methods:

Traditional public participation processes that involve public assessment and development and implementation of a public engagement plan

Next Generation Digital online public participation portal – Kuhle Engagement Solutions Online (KESO)

A project has been identified to pilot the KESO Portal, so that we can improve the quality of our conversations about the project by using an innovative engagement approach.

ABOUT KESO (Kuhle Engagement Solutions Online) PORTAL


There is always a place and time for traditional engagement, but people are becoming more reliant on technology. Nearly two thirds of the world’s population use cellphones and other devices, so the need to streamline and digitise engagements is a priority. The portal creates awareness of projects, provides information and allows target audiences to engage with project leads & consultants and receive feedback.

The KESO Portal in summary:

Increase public participation Improve how we approach community engagement A central portal for discussions, allowing the community to have their voices heard
Centralise community insights Change the world one engagement at a time Limits the spread of misinformation
Building relationships that last Protect the integrity of community data Led by practice inspired by community, driven by data and don’t guess, know
Improved management of issues and risks Connect with your go-to tools


Each license of KESO comes equipped with these online tools and is supported through engagement Services. The combination of KESO and Services is, quite simply, the most powerful end-to-end online participation solution on the market.



Give your community a safe space to debate pressing issues in a substantial way. Forums is our most open online tool — it allows dissent, exchanges of ideas, and understanding of different perspectives.




Residents know where opportunity lies in their community – let them mark it on a map. Empowers community stakeholders to show their favorite spots, locations in need of improvement, or even ideas.



Stakeholders have solutions to many of the pressing issues facing their community — collect their ideas online. The Ideas tool lets residents post their own ideas and thoughts on an online idea board.




Stoke empathy and build your community. The Stories tool facilitates a rarity online – relating and connecting with others in a meaningfulway.

Q & A

Q & A

Answer pressing questions from the community. The Q&A tool provides a space for community members to ask questions and get answers.




Ask a question. Get immediate results. Polls are an easy-to-use, effective way to gauge broad public sentiment with a single question.



Gather structured feedback and quantitative data to inform your community initiatives. The Surveys tool is powerful and easy to use. With conditional logic, rich media embeds, instant reporting, and more.




Allow members of the community to propose a new petition or add their signature to causes they support.



Widgets allow you to present information about your online consultation as small snippets on the side of your project page for easy viewing. They are designed to help your community better understand your projects by providing options to put pictures and videos, provide a link for easy sign up, highlight important links and dates, showcase related projects, answer frequently asked questions etc.

Document library – Share your key project documents

Photo Gallery – Use the photo gallery to liven up your consultation

Videos – Show a video in your consultation

Follow Project – Encourage participants to follow your project

FAQ’s – Answer common questions with FAQ’s

Key Dates – Highlight the important dates to be remembered

Who’s Listening – Tell your community ‘Who’s Listening’ to them

Related Projects – Drive engagement by linking to related projects

News categories – Use news categories to organise your news feed

Important Links – Use important links to group useful resources

Signup Banner – Activate the signup banner

Custom Widget – There are ready to use widgets provided in KESO (See widgets above) however, if these widgets do not meet your requirements, then the custom widget can be used to create your own widget with HTML content.



Make informed decisions with easy-to-understand data and reporting. KESO’s analytics framework makes it easy to visualise your communities’ feedback and download reports for stakeholders. Identify areas of interest, critical issues, and missing demographics with our suite of simple reporting tools. Understand the sentiment of thousands of written responses in a single click using artificial intelligence.

Reporting features:

The dashboard shows a high-level overview of your engagement site. This dashboard is a hub to quickly review site visits, registration numbers and active participants. From here you can easily access recent community responses for review.

Project reports summarise visitor insights and participation for a project. Understand which projects are driving contributions and easily download the data in multiple formats.

Tool reports show how participants interact with a tool across all projects. Layer in demographic data to see who is represented and who is being missed.

Custom dashboards provide a visual way to close the loop with participants and stakeholders. They can also be embedded into a project as a service addition.

Analytics features:

Keyword tagging can be applied to text-based comments to easily identify key themes within a project or across engagement tools.

Demographic filtering can be used with demographic details collected during registration. Filter data by demographic to identify trends within your community or action areas for further outreach.

Sentiment analysis uses Artificial Intelligence to assign sentiment labels to written responses. Review individual feedback or see a summary of community sentiment around a particular topic.

Survey analysis create customisable reports for survey responses. Break these out by each question, overlay registration questions or download the data as easy to digest graphs or charts.




Engaging Unrepresented Groups

Informed decision making

Community Ownership

Debunks Myths

Unearths Real Issues

Responsiveness and Transparency