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About our services
  1. Who is Kuhle Solutions?

    We are a multi-sectoral business process consultancy that facilitates numerous social development engagement and interventions to help clients and other stakeholders meet their project through highly consultative, inclusive and participative programmes.

    We also help companies to identify, explore, and solve problems. The end-goal is to help the business understand and improve its position, in terms of reduced cost, reduced risk, and smarter decisions.

    Our services focus on surveys, data analysis, strategy and team guidance. We provide an in-depth analysis of challenges and opportunities, development of a Communications Strategy and Process Approval, we develop blue prints for improvement and implement mutually agreed solutions.

  2. Is Kuhle Solutions a consultant or contractor?

    A lot of people use these terms interchangeably. To clarify:

    • consultant provides strategic guidance to company leadership, stakeholders or communities
    • a technical contractor works in implementing the proposal

    You’d engage a consultant to set your direction, then possibly hire contractors to build out that vision.

    Kuhle Solution provide services as a consultant. After working with us, you may wish to engage contractors. We can talk about that as we work together.

  3. How do Kuhle Solutions work?

    We keep things simple and straightforward:

    We start with an initial consultation. This is a free, brief meeting in which we learn about each other and I get a deeper picture of your situation.

    If there’s mutual interest, we work together to scope out a project.

    After that, we execute the standard paperwork and get started.

    That’s it.

  4. Do you work with particular industries or types of companies?

    We interested in helping firms of all domains and sizes, private, government and individuals. If you’re looking to get started with data, or to do more with data, or in a conflict project implementation zone such as the home settlement or social development, you’re probably a good fit.

  5. What is the normal process for engaging a consultancy?

    The norm for engaging a consulting firm is to meet with the firm in an obligation-free, cost-free first session. In that session the dimensions of the issue are discussed and a recommendation is made around one week after the meeting as to whether the firm can assist with this issue or not. An indicative price is also provided at this stage along with a summary proposal. Prospective clients will often wish to debate the proposal and a decision is usually reached to either engage or not engage the firm within a timeframe commensurate with the organisation’s procedures and the nature of the assignment. All of our meetings are cost and obligation-free prior to a contract being signed.

  6. How does consulting add value?

    By the nature of the consulting profession, the average consultant works in more communities, organisations and industries than other professions. Consultants provide experience, knowledge, and perspective that is difficult to find in resources in other professions.

  7. When should I consider using a consultant?

    If the project is outside of your core business offering, it usually makes financial sense to outsource to a consultant or consulting firm. Using consultants can reduce the development, implementation and execution time and lower costs.

    Also, any project or initiative, even if it is your core business offering, that requires specialized knowledge and experience, you should consider using consultants.

  8. We don’t want to become dependent on a consulting firm. How does Kuhle Solutions keep that from happening?

    As much as we love our clients, we don’t want you dependent on us either!

    In every consulting engagement, we work with your subject matter experts and community leaders as an ongoing knowledge transfer. This makes our transition out of your business smooth and also keeps costs down over the course of the project.

    Although the consulting profession can have a reputation of building dependency and billing recurring fees, Kuhle Solutions does consulting differently.

    We believe we have failed if you become dependent on us once you’ve achieved defined milestones.

    Our clients keep bringing us back, but for new career and business challenges – not to continue to support challenges we’ve solved.

  9. Will the consultancy services be expensive?

    As much as we love our clients, we don’t want you dependent on us either!

    In every consulting engagement, we work with your subject matter experts and community leaders as an ongoing knowledge transfer. This makes our transition out of your business smooth and also keeps costs down over the course of the project.

    Our pricing is usually developed in consultation with our clients. We are not the most expensive, nor the least expensive consultancy firm. Consulting work is sometimes a cost of doing business, but our competitive advantage is that we are experienced enough to ensure a pragmatic approach in the delivery of work. Pricing and payment arrangements that can be tailored add further weight to our offering. We are business people too and understand the imperatives of budget restrictions, cash flow and the need to show value to stakeholders. We can promise a down-to-earth approach to our pricing and a win-win mentality. We will be glad to quote you for specific assignments.

Other FAQ’s
  1. How do I go about making an application for a house?

    There are various types of projects for example, In situ upgrade, Greenfield, Social Housing (Rental), Rural, and so on.

    The large majority of projects are:

    In situ upgrade – Involves the upgrading of informal settlements where the land is suitable for development. Subsidies are allocated to existing residents and where certain residents are not accommodated due to them being in the way of services, they will be relocated to greenfield projects.

    Greenfield – These projects are undertaken on vacant land. Given the fact that informal settlements have been identified as a high priority by National and Provincial Government, a large proportion of sites will be allocated to residents from relocation or upgrade projects. A portion of sites will be advertised in the local newspapers for the general public to access. The public will need to respond to such adverts by phoning in and making an appointment to fill in the relevant application forms.

  2. Is my application that I made for years ago still valid?

    Housing waiting lists in the former Councils were scrapped with effect from November 19, 2002.

  3. How do I apply for a reduction in my rent?

    In order to qualify for a reduction in your rent, your household income must be less than R1 500 per month.  If there is no household income, an Affidavit is required.  Pensioners will need to produce their pension card. Your Identity Document and electricity account will also be required.

  4. I am disabled and need urgent accommodation. How do I apply for a house?

    You will need to submit a detailed application to the Housing Unit, along with a Social Worker’s assessment and recommendation outlining the extent of your disability.

  5. Can I sell my RDP house?

    When you receive a fully subsidised house, there are certain conditions that come with the subsidy approval.

    One of these conditions is that if you want to sell the house within the first 8 years of receiving it, you must offer the house to either local or provincial government.  They can buy it back from you at the value of the subsidy.

    Once the 8 years is up, you can sell the house as a private person. Any sale within the 8 years and without the permission of local and provincial government is illegal.
    Do not sell your house or buy and RDP house using an affidavit.  This is not a legal document and you are not protected if there is a dispute about ownership.

  6. When is the best time for me to engage the services of a 'turnaround' firm? How much will it cost me?

    You may not need a turnaround firm. But it is best to find out if you think you have difficulties that are getting worse, not better. For that, we can provide you with an evaluation of your circumstances and potential approaches to it. That will cost you nothing. Should you decide to retain Kuhle Solution to assist you the cost will vary depending on the time it takes or the type of services you wish to use. Our fees are fairly standard for the industry. Furthermore, the value added is substantial. And the fees are small compared to the potential for further deterioration of your business.

  7. Do you offer free consultations?

    Absolutely. It’s the first step in getting to the core of your challenges and to determine if we are the right consultants to get you to your goals. Contact us on info@kuhlesolution.net or www.kuhlesolutions.net/contact-us.

  8. Will I own the materials provided to me by Kuhle Solutions?

    Generally, our materials have been developed over an extended period of time and represent an important part of our business assets. In most cases, we retain ownership of these materials, unless we specify otherwise in our agreement with you. The materials we provide you are generally provided under perpetual license for you to use, adapt, modify and apply, but not for you to sell, re-supply or provide to another party. Additionally, given the amount of time involved in developing our materials, we use these for a range of services and with a range of clients, so these materials will generally not be specific to your organisation or exclusive in nature to your business.

  9. I’d like to move forward. How do I start?

    Glad to hear it. Contact us on info@kuhlesolution.net or www.kuhlesolutions.net/contact-us/ and we look forward to hearing from you.

Still have questions?

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